Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lots of Snow Pictures! :)

"He gives snow like wool; He scatters the frost like ashes;"
Psalm 147:16

We went out and played in the snow again this week.  Below are most of the pictures!

Lydia was getting ready to go out and play with us.  Aren't her eyes beautiful?

Being silly! :)

Mama and Lydia just before we went outside! :)

Yes, it was cold out but the sun helped warm things up!

Walking in the snow.

The snow wasn't as deep this time which helped Lydia enjoy it more - she could actually walk! :)

Lexi and Lydia walking on the ice in our driveway! :)

A snow or two ago we decided to use this hill to slide down.  Here Seth, Caleb, and Eden, are going to try and go down on each others' backs.

Caleb going down.

I love the way the snow is flying up in his left hand.


The boys were really enjoying themself - taking no heed that they were losing some of their warm clothing as they went down.  I think Seth did have a hat on when he first went out...

Seth made the greatest faces for me! :)

Josiah just finished tumbling down the hill.

Daddy went around and chopped down trees with the saw in his right hand, clearing the woods so they could have more fun sliding and not impale themselves.  Thanks, Daddy! :)

Caleb sliding down on Seth.

They never exhausted the use of the brain to think up every sort of way to "slide."

Once again, another Caleb/Seth pile!

Here Eden and Josiah got a little bit off track! :)

At the bottom of one of our hollows there's a swamp-like place in the summer, but in the winter it makes for wonderful ice sliding! :)

Don't Lydia's eyes match beautifully with her gloves?!

I love how Lexi's smiling down on Lydia.

Mmm...great snow!

Chewing on a stick.  I don't think she liked it too much...

Sharing some snow with you...

A prine branch that got stuck in the snow.

A birch tree. 

Daddy told me to go take a look and it was so neat! :)

Caleb sledding down one of our little hills.

I love the little ice-drop!

We started moving to another place and Lydia wasn't happy about it, so she started fussing.  Daddy then started playing with her by...

...putting snow on his tongue!

Lydia then gave this beautiful smile that shows she thinks Daddy is the best man in the whole world!!

Licking the snow with Daddy!

The background for this picture is a branch off of a holly tree that Daddy chopped off.  Lexi came and held it behind Lydia for me! :)

Lexi at work!

We were moving to another spot and I saw this little curly-q on some of the thorns.

Eden sledding down the hill on her back.


And my favorite picture of the day:


Delighting in Jesus,

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