Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Thought I Would Have Nothing New to Post Soon...

...until this happened last night...

Now for the story of what happened:  Josiah and Eden were in the schoolroom playing together.  All of a sudden Eden ran in, "Josiah broke the window!"

Lexi was soon on the scene and then everyone got their fill of the damage whenever they felt like it.  The story goes that Josiah had somehow thrown a softball at the window.  Thankfully it only broke one pane so we don't have lots of cold air seeping into our schoolroom!  When Daddy finished his shower he came down and taped everything up for us (along with removing the glass that broke via the vacuum).  :) 


"The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork."
Psalm 19:1

I was in the middle of making homemade pizza when Lexi ran in and told me to come outside to take pictures of the trees.  There were these dark, threatening clouds behind  the trees yet the sun was shining radiantly onto them casting an orangish-red tinge.

Isn't that neat?

Well, since I was already outside I couldn't just take one picture! :-D  The sky was so beautiful as the sun sunk lower in the horizon.  It created some absolutely gorgeous cloud displays...which are below in picture form! :)

It was drip-dropping as I was walking outside.

Don't you love the way the clouds layer each other!?

Our home as the sun sets.

Of course, while I was taking pictures Alexis wasn't far behind (she always has some creative idea up her sleeve), so I got her to pose for pictures too! :)

By the way - that's the moon above her head.

Soon I had Eden and Josiah following me too.

The whole time I was taking pictures we were on the road in front of our house.  I just absolutely love living in the country.  The entire time we were out there on the street we only had one car pass us and it was like 5:30! :)

Road kill

(That was Alexis' idea...)

Josiah's a great poser along with most of my siblings.

See here in this picture I was laying on the road...once again...no cars! :) 

[I'm really glad none came by as I was laying there...that would've been funny!]

Josiah and Alexis.

The trio.

It was soon getting darker and darker so I went back inside.  (Hannah finished the pizzas for me.)

Anyways, there was a quick scoop on what happened yesterday! :)  A window breaking and lots of beautiful clouds (and siblings)! :)


And just to give you an "inside peek" at how school looks at 11:30 Tuesday morning...

(I was in the schoolroom taking pictures of the broken window, so I thought some of you might like seeing an example of how a homeschool day proceeds at our house.) 

Delighting in Jesus,
Kimber :)

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