Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Disney World, FL: Sunday, November 1st

"And He led them on safely, so that they did not fear..."
Psalm 78:53a

Most of us woke up around 6:30 A.M. Sunday morning and got dressed, brushed our teeth, and tried to wake ourselves up before going to breakfast.  While we were waking up, the conductor announced that we were ahead of schedule and would be at our station in Sanford, FL 1-2 hours before the appointed time of 9:30 A.M.

Seth and Josiah sleeping.

Someone brought my attention to them as they slept away and thankfully they didn't wake up from the bright flash when I took the picture! :)

That little blue thing that Josiah is laying on is the foot rest.  It adjusted to whatever height you wanted it to be and was very comfortable to sleep on.

After we were fairly awake we went to the dining cars with Grandpa until we found out that they were full so we sat down in the lounge room until we could get a table.

Grandpa, of course, was playing tricks on us and the other people.

After a really, really yummy breakfast of Frosted Flakes, Special K, bagels, cornbread, milk, orange juice, bananas, etc. we went back to our train car and prepared to leave.  (We weren't happy about having to leave our wonderful waiters and waitresses and hoped they would be on the train on the way back)

Hannah doing her Bible time.

Since we were way ahead of schedule we had to wait for 15-30 minutes to be allowed into the station so we weren't moving for a little bit.

We stopped right by these palm trees that lined the highway (the picture was taken out the window)

We had never been to Florida so it was exciting to see palm trees right where we stopped!

Finally, we could leave the train though we weren't in a very big hurry to get off because we couldn't check into our Fort Wilderness cabins until 3 P.M. and it was still around 9 A.M.

Grandma and Grandpa walking along the sidewalk to the waiting room where we waited for our cars to be called.

This was one of the palm trees that lined the stations' sidewalk.

It was muggy (what we call humid) in Florida which was a big change from our crisp, Fall air here in Virginia! 

Josiah in the waiting room.
(I never get tired of his eyes! :)

We waited for about 30+ minutes for our cars to be called.  As soon as Daddy gave us the signal we were heading towards the vehicles. As soon as we had piled in we drove swiftly away to Orlando, Florida.

It was very confusing trying to find the way to Fort Wilderness in Disney World.  Grandma's directions gave street names when in Disney World you couldn't find any of the street names.  SO, we just followed the signs and eventually found the entrance.

There it is!!!

We stopped in the check-in center expecting it to be a short wait before we could get our key and go explore Fort Wilderness until our cabins were open.  Not.  To make a stressful and long story short, it took about 2-3 hours to be able to check-in.  Yeah, we weren't too excited to hang about the check-in area but we ate some candy, watched some Mickey Mouse classics, took pictures of flowers, etc. while Grandma tried to figure out the whole check-in stuff.

Some of the zinnias.

The landscaping was beautiful and a nice change from the Fall colors we're seeing at our house now.

Some more flowers.

Some of us waiting outside the check-in area.  Grandpa was being funny as usual! :)


She went around taking pictures of practically every flower, butterfly, moth, and creeping thing around the Fort Wilderness check-in cabin.  Some of her pictures will be coming, Lord willing, later.

Spanish moss.

It was so pretty in the daytime but when you were walking around at night it got kinda' freaky.

Finally, we got the keys to Grandma and Grandpa's cabin.  The other two were not ready yet so we all went to Grandma and Grandpa's to get in the A.C. and to eat some lunch.  We ate a few snackies but Uncle Greg and Aunt Amy bought us all McDonalds for lunch after they got back from the store.

The cabin.

The insides were exactly the same in every single cabin we had.

The rectangle in the middle of the picture is where the Murphy bed was.

Another view of the kitchen and eating area.

Down the hallway was the bedroom with a double bed and a bunkbed and then bathroom.

On all of the trees around the cabins there were these lizards (chameleons) that the boys loved to catch.  This was one of them.

Uncle Greg and his family cabin was ready next and ours was last.  We all settled down, took some naps, and relaxed because dinner wasn't until 9:30 that night.

Around 8:30 we walked to the bus stop and hopped on the bus that would take us to the "Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue."

Weedel on the bus.
(You didn't have to wear seatbelts!!!)

After we got off the bus we still had about 30 minutes until the dinner show so we walked around a little bit, looked in the shops, and waited for dinner! :)

Hannah and Mama walking around.

Diana with a hat on.

Diana loves hats so I have about 10 pictures of her with different hats on her head! :)

Caleb found a hat he really liked but he never bought it because we ran out of time.
(Mama and Daddy had given us each some money before the trip to spend at Disney World)

Soon, we started lining up for the show and were let in a little after 9:30.

The inside of the "Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue."

Grandpa the bandit.

Our waitress took our drink order and then we snacked on the cornbread and salad that was already on the table.

A Mickey Mouse Uncle Greg made out out of cornbread.

Josiah was so tired that for at least 2 minutes we caught him staring like this in the same place without moving a muscle.  Poor little guy!

The performers of the Hoop-Dee-Due Revue  on stage.

They were pretty funny and we had a lot of laughs with them while we ate the country-style dinner.

Towards the end of the show we all got to make a lot of obnoxious noise with some type of instrument they gave us.

The instrument consisted of you taking a medal spoon and rubbing it up and down the medal ridges.  Loud and obnoxious but fun to do! :)

(Hannah says they are "washboards")

This was our waitress
 and here you get a better picture of how the "instruments" (washboards :-) worked.

After the show ended (around 11 P.M.) we all wearily climbed into the bus and went back to our cabins where we soon fell asleep.


All for Jesus,
Kimber :)

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  1. sounds like an exciting trip! and those lizards are actually called anoles - they're not chameleons even though they change color chameleons are much bigger and have a very distinct look. :) (I used to live in Key West, FL and had many anoles for pets!)