Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Smoky Is Ours No Longer :(

"...the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself..."

Psalm 84:3

I had the idea to post a "Found" ad on craigslist.org for Smoky, just to see if there was an owner to be found. In less than 4 hours we had about 10-15 emails from people giving us info about African Greys, asking if they could have him if we didn't find the owner, and some more serious inquiries about people who had lost one and wanted some info. As with anything on the Internet, we had to be really careful because African Greys are very expensive and would greatly profit someone who might've deceived us as to him being theirs. :) Thankfully, Mama and Daddy are very aware of that fact and deleted all the emails but the serious ones! :) Anyways, to make a long story short on Sunday we got an email from a lady. She said they had lost theirs in August and that their parrot liked to say "peeper-pooper," which Smoky says a lot (when we're not within eyesight). That gave us a huge hint that these people might be the actual owners. After emailing back and forth, she gave another hint - he liked making a noise that sounded like a telephone. Every one of the descriptions matched and finally, they sent us his band number and it matched. So, we have found Smoky's owner and he is now in his own home. His real name is Ousea (pronounced like wah-so...it's French for bird) and he was born in March 2007 so he was really young.

Since today was our last afternoon with him we took him out and gave him his favorite snack...Cheezits. I'm glad the owners have been found but sad also because we've grown quite attatched to him and don't want him to leave.

Mr. Pabst (the owner) picked up him around 6 PM tonight.

Bye Smoky (a.k.a. Ousea) - we love you!


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