Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Eden's Birthday Party

"Now a river went out of Eden to water the garden, and from there it parted and became four riverheads."

Genesis 2:10

Eden's birthday is September 29th but we decided to celebrate it a little early so that Grandma and Grandpa could come down. (They had Lexi and Caleb's presents too so it was more like we were celebrating 3 birthdays) Anyway, Eden picked Mexican for her birthday dinner and chocolate cake with Cool Whip icing for dessert.

Grandma and Grandpa arrived around 3:30 (Hannah, Lexi, and I were so glad we didn't have to do our Writing ;) and they brought a dog named Flora with them. They are "fostering" her until someone adopts her (go to to see her). She is a Maltese (18 months) and is so adorable! After they got settled, we talked and opened the goodies they had brought us. Grandma also fixed a dress for me in a few minutes (it was too broad so I had safety-clips keeping it on) by darting it. What would we do without Grandmas and Grandpas! :)

It was about 10 minutes before dinner when Mama realized that Lydia and Josiah weren't with us. This is what she found:

Lydia and Josiah had found the ashes from our Central Boiler and were playing in them completely unsupervised! There was no one else outside!

So, Mama had to give them a bath even though dinner was almost ready.

Lexi set the table for us and she did a wonderful job (she always does!). She used her creativity and made us some restuarant-style know, with the silverware inside.

We're now using the cloth napkins instead of the disposable because they are just another "convenience," that we don't need.

This was Lydia's place setting - pretty cute! :)

Dinner was really good! During dinner the subject of "If you could go anywhere where would you go?" (This was planned from my understanding) Some said a cruise, other the State Fair, and Caleb said Hawaii, etc. and then Alexis said something like "Florida!" Anyways, to make a long story short everyone in our family (Hannah and I knew before) now knows that we are going with Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Greg, Aunt Amy, Amanda, Diana and Stephen to Disney World, FL in November!! We're really excited about it...we'll be staying in cabins, eating some really good food, riding on rides, and more! We will be leaving October 31st and getting back the Sunday after that (I don't know the dates). We'll be there for about a week.

Back to the present...

After dinner we opened gifts. Eden went first.

Opening a present.


Caleb went after Eden...

Opening a card.

Caleb got a race car track with the cars (remote controlled) and they've already set it up at least 3 different ways in the past few days.

Lexi reading a card.


They opened some more stuff too but I don't remember all of the other things! :)

Daddy was our ice cream maker.

Ever since his 40th birthday party we've used our hand-crank ice cream maker 1-2 times but then we found out that the crank malfunctioned, so we sent it back. So long story short, we used Na-naw and Paw-paw's ice cream maker this time until a new one arrives.

The ice cream is so's just the White Mountain Vanilla Ice Cream recipe but it's soooo good!

The three "birthdays" in front of their cake.

All for Jesus,


P.S. - My Uncle Sean is now engaged to Amanda! He proposed 3 Sundays' ago and they are planning a Fall wedding!

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