Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Trip to Westmoreland Berry Farm and Colonial Beach

"Mountains and all hills;Fruitful trees and all cedars;"

Psalm 148:9

Monday morning we left for Westmoreland Berry Farm and on the way we stopped by George Washington's birthplace, which is 17 minutes away from the farm.

Looking at a diaphragm at George Washington's birthplace.

We didn't do much at his birthplace because we thought it was free but it wasn't...so we didn't go into his re-constructed house (it burnt down) but just wandered around and then left.

A flower at the farm.

An orchid.


Some more flowers.

We ate lunch at the picnic tables Westmoreland Berry Farm provided and then we picked up our berries and left.

Seth eating a carrot--well sort of.....

We picked up some peaches and blueberries. Sadly the pie cherries didn't come in well this year but the fruit was still the best. I think the blueberries are simply 100% better than any blueberries I've had from different places. I like the big fat ones because they're sweet and juicy.

This is a picture Lexi took of some of the peaches and blueberries.

After we got our $100+ worth of fruit we went to Colonial Beach to swim around for a little bit.

The beach.

A seagull.

'Siah showing Daddy a rock.

(Daddy took almost all of the pictures of people at Colonial Beach because I was in the water)

Mama and Lydia.

Lydia stayed in the sand most of the time.

Lydia and Mama.

5 of us in the water.

Hannah and I (Kimber) took Eden and Josiah out to the deeper part of the water. I called Eden the "clingy egg-beater" because that is what it felt like carrying her. She constantly kicked her feet and clung to you like she was about to drown. Not very relaxing but we eventually got her to trust us and just relax.

Josiah on the other hand liked being held at arms length with us just holding his hands.

Josiah in the water.

The water was the perfect temperature - not too hot, not too cold.

Alexis and Caleb splashing each other.


The boys swamping Hannah.

Josiah bringing a rock ashore.

Alexis and Caleb got cold and so Seth started making them into sand sculptures.
(this is the hot new suntan lotion)

They were warm to say the least.

Alexis after she emerged from the sand! :)

Seth on his way back to the van.

'Siah all wrapped up!

We left after about 1 1/2 hours of fun!


I haven't given an update on what we've been doing lately so, here goes a quick overview!

In short, the gardens are producing like crazy.

(Hopefully I'll update you more in detail - with pictures - soon!)

We've canned around 35 quart jars of green beans and still have lots coming in.

Today we just canned half of our peach stock into jam and preserved slices. And then we canned 14 quarts of corn off the cob (our neighbor gave us free reign to his corn - ours isn't in yet) today too!

So, we've been pretty busy!

Daddy has taken Caleb to work with him every now and then to help mow. Seth and Caleb are gone today with Daddy.

Tomorrow, Daddy and Mama are going to a garden-seminar at the University of VA. We (the kids) have a little bit to do while they're gone.

So, the Wassenberg family is pretty healthy and enjoying the abundant life the Lord has given us!

All for Jesus,


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