Monday, July 20, 2009

Swimming at the DeLille's Pool

"After him Nehemiah the son of Azbuk, leader of half the district of Beth Zur, made repairs as far as the place in front of the tombs of David, to the man-made pool, and as far as the House of the Mighty."

Nehemiah 3:16

After a week of gardening, canning, etc. Daddy and Mama took us to the DeLille's pool after church on Sunday. The DeLilles (some friends - were gone on vacation and invited us to come swim in their pool whenever we wanted while they were gone.

Daddy and Mama bought us some really good pizza from Papa John's! :)

We enjoyed swimming around in the pool and didn't leave until around 5 pm.

Lydia and I (Kimber).

Lydia wasn't too excited to be in the cold pool! :)

A shark!!!

Having fun with Mama.


Seth jumping in.

(Lexi asked me to take the picture of him jumping in because she wanted to see if I could catch him in mid-air...making it look like Seth could walk on water! :)

Josiah running around.

Please excuse the flower-floaty! :-D

Caleb and Seth


Precious little Lydia! :)

Eden and Josiah aboard the "Mama Caboose."


If you can't tell from his lips, he was shivering in the picture! :)

Daddy jumping in on Josiah and Mama.

Maybe that's what Mama thought was funny...

Josiah having fun with Daddy!

As we drove home we stopped by the Polegreen Historic Church. Those of you who live around the Mechanicsville area will probably know what I'm talking about but those that don't...go to this link: to learn more about it.

It was really neat stopping by and walking along the brick sidewalk and reading the history of religious freedom that was engraved in stone along the walkway. The church wasn't too much to see because it was just the frame with windows. After all the church is just a building until the Body of Christ joins together, fellowshiping and worshiping our Lord.

All for Jesus,


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