Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rachel Grace's Dedication on Mother's Day

"Here am I and the children whom the LORD has given me!"
Isaiah 8:18

After my last posts you pretty much know what happened on our Mother's Day this year but I'll just do a quick recap with some pictures to illustrate! :)

We left around 6:00 AM that morning and arrived around 10:00 AM. We had two stops at a gas station for potty breaks, breakfast, and gas (most of us were still in our jammies but thankfully there was hardly anyone there!).

Hannah in the car.

Erika, my 14-year-old cousin, took this picture.

We had to get to their church early ( because Mama was singing for Rachel's dedication.

The service went very well...

Mama sang beautifully once again! :)

The associate pastor (left) and my Aunt Stacey with Rachel and Uncle Mike.


My Uncle Mike is the Pastor of the church, so he did about 2/3 of the actual dedication. Here he is asking the family to try their hardest to point Rachel in the Right direction.

He also asked the church family to do the same.

Here he is getting ready to read a letter to Rachel or his little "butter bean."

Aunt Stacey and Rachel

Reading the letter

After the letter was finished being read he took Rachel, and after 1 or 2 things he....

...went up and back down the aisle of the church, showing her to the people.

Coming back down the aisle.

Aunt Stacey and Rachel going back to their seat with the present that contains the letter to Rachel that will be opened on her 12th birthday, or when she accepts Christ.


After the church service, we went back to their house, had a sandwhich lunch, played Kemps and Spoons, talked, etc. and then celebrated my Paw-paw's birthday (which was that day).

Sarah made Paw-paw his favorite cake: Boston Creme Pie.


Now here are some pictures of Rachel Grace! :)


Striving to be like Jesus,

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