Monday, February 16, 2009

The Trip to Maymont Park

"If I say, ‘I will forget my complaint,I will put off my sad face and wear a smile,’"

Job 9:27

After poop-scooping, transfering and dumping manure on the gardens Friday morning we ate a quick lunch and then went to Mayont - our favorite park.

We had a great time, and I took lots of pictures (of course!).

Two pigeons on the roof of the barn.

Taking pictures of the goats and sheep.

One of the goats.

Lydia meeting a goat.

A very interesting sheep? Or is it a goat?

Admiring a hawk, a.k.a. chicken killers.

Two friendly goats.

Looking for the deer.

Caleb by some flowers.

The flowers themselves (yellow jasmine per daddy).

Seth by the flowers.

Hannah by the flowers

A yak and a tree

Seth, Eden, Lydia, Daddy, and Alexis on a rock.

Mommy power-walking with the stroller

Hannah playing with Lydia-lydia checkin' out daddys' bald spot.



A fox sleeping.

A mini waterfall.

For the first time in a long time we turned left after the foxes cage. They had some beautiful stone steps with lots of South American-looking foliage.


A family photo (without the photographer) in a gazebo

Alexis, Seth, Josiah and Eden by some trees.

9 of the Wassenbergs


Caleb on the steps.

Lexi on the steps.

Seth on the steps.

Daddy, Caleb, and Seth.

Seth and Alexis by a monument.

Eden by a waterfall.

Alexis and the same waterfall.

Seth by a little stream.

We visited the new exhibits at Maymont, the "Birds of Prey."

Hannah on the walkway

The "Great Horned Owl." He does not look happy:)

A hawk

Another hawk

Edee-Weedee(her nickname)

A bald eagle with a half-amputated wing.

Weedels again (another nickname for Eden)

Alexis on the bridge

After we had seen enough of the birds of prey we walked over to the bears.

Eden peering through the windows at the bears.

The two active bears.


Seth again

Playing with each other

Josiah watching anxiously from the Ergo (

The bears giving a hug! :)

Mommy and Josiah.

Eden and a fake bear.

The bears having a more, intense, hug.

The next spot to go was the Japenese gardens.

Alexis and some cacti.

(Since I have another camera now, my siblings get to use my "old" camera! :)

Caleb and Seth on a huge rock.


Caleb going through the bamboo forest.

When Caleb proceeded out of the bamboo he had fallen and had scraped his hands on some of the bamboo - he's okay now!

Daddy - master of all unique faces! :)


Lexi again! :)

A flower that Lexi found.

(The flower was at the entrance to the Japenese garden)


That is Josiah's "fake" smile! :)

(The result of telling him to smile...)

This is his real smile!
(This is the result of Daddy coming to 'get' him - a real smile! :)

One of our favorite spots at Maymont is the waterfall in the Japenese gardens. We recline on the rocks and eat lunch, relaxing after our hard walk downhill! ;) Sadly, the waterfall wasn't running so our favorite spot that day (at least for me) were the stepping stones that went across a small lake.

Lexi on the stepping stones.

Lexi and Seth making their way across.

Weedels (pronounced weed-ls)


(This is what he was thinking about...


Go Daddy!

Daddy wanted me to practice speed photography, hence the abnormal jumping!

A beautiful duck!


2 Daddy & Mommy's duck (perfect for Valentine's Day!)


Alexis gazing upon the water! :)



...Hannah again! :)

Mommy in the gazebo on the water.

Seth and Caleb

Eden and Josiah

The 2 ferocious puppy dogs!

The 2 ferocious puppy dogs with a...daddy dog! :)

Playing around

Eden and Josiah are the best of friends. If Eden does something, 'Siah does it, or vice versa.


Weedels and 'Siah (Josiah's nickname)



For some reason, when I took these pictures, I got a red and green octagon-shaped color in my photos (far right). I guess it was just a reflection on the lens?






We went back to the bridge by the dry waterfall, and that's where I took the Valentine's Day photos of Daddy and Mamma.

Alexis and Caleb on the bridge

Josiah thought it was dry land across here but ended up getting stuck. Daddy had to go rescue him, and yes, we still have the shoes! :)

The mud-covered shoes.

A flower Lexi found.

Caleb and Seth


After we saw what we wanted to, we started making our way back to our van, because we had to be out of the park by 5:00.

We're well known for taking "shortcuts," when we need to get somewhere. So, today our shortcut was up a hill (like it is every time!)

Josiah started whining but we all made it to the top victorious! :)

Lydia and Mommy waiting at the top of the hill for us to come up! :)

Mr. Fox was up and moving around as we made our way out of the park.

The deer started settling down and nestling in the grass.

We made it out of the park by 5:30, ate a few snacks in the car and went to Pizza Hut for dinner (we had some gift cards from Christmas). We dropped by Paw-paw and Na-naw's house (our grandparents) and visited for a few minutes before going home, ending a relaxing and fun-filled day!

Trusting in Him,

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  1. um alot of pictures? That is the understatement of this year! ;-) From what I could see (I fast forwarded through the last half after I realized how long this page was) it looks like a very pleasant trip. :-)

    See you soon,