Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lydia and The Wassenberg Rendition of "Amazing Grace"

It's been over 2 weeks since my last post! (Believe it or not!) We haven't been doing much lately, school's going great and I've been slacking on the photography. I did get a few pictures of Lydia recently...

Playing Daddy's Djembe (the one he got for Christmas)
She's not quite tall enough to actually make some noise, but she loves standing!

On the steps

Trying to climb the steps - a big "no, no!"
She's really good at trying to get down off the steps when you tell her no. No falls yet.

Eating a bullet (one of those Nerf foam ones)




Standing again (look at those tiny legs!)

Licking the window

You coming, Kimber?

I've been trying to upload 2 videos the past week and just got one to update today!
Anyways, this is the Wassenberg style of "Amazing Grace"
( the dinner table...)

:) :) :) This is not how the normal dinner goes but Lexi just started gurgling at the table and one of the members of the family suggested that they try and perform "Amazing Grace."
All of us were laughing very hard - definitely a family moment to be forever cherished! :)
I'll see if I can get the other video to upload soon!
We have a busy weekend ahead of us. Friday night we have the Blue's coming over for dinner, Saturday we're bringing dinner to the Huizinga's (friends from our late church who had a baby), Sunday is the Family Nash Luncheon and on Monday our grandparents and uncle and family is coming down for Grandpa's birthday.
May Jesus bless you all!
Willingly Jesus',


  1. Your Dad sounds like a drowning duck :) So cute :)

    mrs. collins

  2. MAN I laugh off my head Every time I see it!!!
    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Awesome!! ----------
    And I do agree Dad sounds like a drowning duck..But Can ducks drown without being shot??!!!?!!!

    His Princess,

  3. No food was gurgled upon in the making of this video (hopefully). *cough* um aaanyways, uh such skill, I was speechless while watching.