Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lydia, Caramel and Sunday

"Bring the fattened calf and kill it. Let's have a feast and celebrate."
Luke 15:23
Lydia and her big smile! :)

Lydia loves grabbing her feet. I think she could even reach her mouth!

Caramel. Our guard dog and family pet! I think he's 5-10 years old. I've forgot!

Sunday, after church, we went up to our grandparents house to celebrate the August and September birthdays/anniversary's. We had a wonderful meal of mashed potatoes (yum!), steak, hamburgers, corn and a HUGE cake (17 people ate 1/3 of it) with some Turkey Hill Party Cake ice cream. Everything was delicious! My uncle, aunt and cousins also were there.

Eden's birthday is September 29th. She will be turning 5. She got 2 baby dolls, a carriage for them, a dress and - I forgot the rest!

Mommy didn't have a birthday - just an anniversary! She got a book about how to can jams and jellies!
(You can see she's really enjoying it!)

Daddy got a Ped-egg thing for his feet with replacable blades and a t-shirt. His birthday is August 20th. He'll be 39. His anniversary is, obviously, the same as mommy's!

Lexi's birthday is September 8 and she will be turning 11. She got a shirt, and 2 dressy tops and a skirt.

Caleb's birthday is September 9. Easy to remember - 9/9/99 - he'll be turning 9. (Lots of nines!) He got a base set, ball and more!

(Sorry grandma if I'm forgetting anything!)

This is Lexi's new pet - Chili - which she got for her birthday also. He is a chinchilla and is 6 years old. Looks like a rabbit with elephant ears and a squirrel tail. He's so cute! Softer than any blanket, quick as lightning (not good when he gets out) and super cute! Lexi is already holding him as often as possible. She's told everyone younger than her to just touch him through the cage so he won't get out.

That's an overcap of what we've been doing. I"m going to post some pictures of mommy in her wedding dress (from Friday night) next. While I'm waiting, I"m doing picture albums. Mommy's organizing and doing the school schedule; Lexi, Caleb and Seth are cutting down sunflowers with their machetes and Eden on down are sleeping. Hannah's reading.

Willingly <><


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